Everyday Discernment

Episode 12: Jody Burkeen // Man Up God's Way

Episode Summary

Jody Burkeen is a Pastor, author, speaker, and founder of Man Up God's Way. He wrote the foreword to my book and he was on the launch of my podcast. He is back today for a longer chat that you are not going to want to miss. This episode is not just for men but I would encourage you to share this with any men in your life that you feel would benefit from it. In this episode we discuss: - What does it mean to "Man Up" as a Christian man and not be a "spiritual sissy"? - The problem of the 80/20 rule in churches - How to live a life of contentment - How social media kills our joy and contentment - How to guard against "Google theologians" and "Facebook prophets" - How reading the Bible is like exercise and how good routines are so important - How you can pursue someone with grace and love who is not following Christ

Episode Notes

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