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Episode 17: Jonathan Roumie // The Chosen

Episode Summary

Jonathan is an actor and he played Jesus on the amazing series, The Chosen. As a huge fan of the series, I was very excited to be able to talk with him. Please share this with a friend! In this episode we discuss: - How and why Jonathan started acting - His favorite movies and some of his favorite voice work that he's done - How he was chosen for the role of Jesus - How he balances the weight and the emotion of acting in such an important role - Actors who have played Jesus before that made an impact on him - The tension between staying true to the Bible while also allowing for interpretation to be able to complete the vision for The Chosen - The significance to Jesus' words based on the context of where He was living and the culture of the time - Parallels with the disciples following Jesus and us today choosing to follow Him - How we, as Christians, can make a difference in today's culture - Season 2! I ask Jonathan what he is most looking forward to... - Jonathan talks about the purpose of the Hallow app that he is featured on (see link below) If you liked this episode and podcast, please leave a 5-star review in Apple iTunes, it would mean the world to me!

Episode Notes

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