Everyday Discernment

Episode 18: Paul Louis Cole // Identity, Purpose, and Belonging

Episode Summary

As global President of the highly regarded Christian Men’s Network, Paul is a man driven with a global mission for the transformation of men and nations. His passion is to build strong men who lead their families, serve their community and live life to the fullest. Paul is the son of Dr. Edwin Louis Cole, the founder of the Christian Men’s Network and considered the “father of the Christian Men’s movement. Just a note- this podcast is not just for men but we will talk a lot about men in this episode so I would encourage you to share this with the men in your life and I know that both men and women will be blessed by this conversation. In this episode we discuss: - How discipling men builds the family and the church - The purpose of the Christian Mens Network - How to live on the mountain and in the valleys in our walk with Christ - Why we need be connected and not just on social media - Fatherlessness and our identity in our Heavenly Father - Discernment in living God's purpose - Having a vision for your life and your family - Discipling our children and hope for the prodigal children - We discuss his book, "Just a bartender" about the story of Nehemiah - Having discernment with our words

Episode Notes

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