Everyday Discernment

Episode 22: Ken Harrison- Rise of Servant Kings

Episode Summary

Ken Harrison is the president and chairman of Promise Keepers, he has a new book called Rise of the Servant Kings. He has worked in business and law enforcement. Ken's ministry focuses on men, but both men and women will find value in this episode. Please share with a friend. On this episode we discuss: - Why there's division in the church - The difference between shepherding doctrine of your church vs. dividing with other churches - Standing up for truth - Stories from being a police officer in Compton, CA - Showing love and grace vs. always giving people what they deserve - The history and vision of Promise Keepers - How the church needs to be relevant to men today - The importance of connection and accountability - Discernent as a multiple choice test - For men- how to move forward even if you've failed in your past

Episode Notes

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Connect with Promise Keepers at https://promisekeepers.org/

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