Everyday Discernment

Episode 31: Faith Under Fire

Episode Notes

This week I talk with the director (Joel Paul Reisig) and one of the producers (Greg Morrison) of the movie Faith Under Fire.  The movie stars Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo.  It is a story of loss, grief, and embracing faith even in the darkest of hours. 

I ask my guests about their journey in making this movie and we discuss details and the message behind why they made the movie to begin with.  Of course we also talk about discernment!

To see the trailer to this movie (which I would recommend at least before listening to the episode) click below

For more info on the production company including how to support their next projects go to Generation Courage | Christian Movie Company

For more info on Faith Under Fire go to Faith Under Fire - Now Available On Digital & DVD (faithunderfirefilm.com)

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