Everyday Discernment

Episode 9: Shawn Bolz // Love and Discernment

Episode Summary

Shawn Bolz is back! He was on my podcast launch, but he is back and we have a longer discussion today. Here are some things we discuss: - Why a love based approach is important when trying to connect with others - How the current culture can create a narrative that is not indicative of the heart of God - Why conspiracy theories destroy our ability to see people as God sees them - How a dynamic prayer life can be achieved by using other resources to help affirm what you are trying to tell God and partner with His will Also.... what is Shawn's favorite movie and video game?? You will find out in this episode :) For more information on Shawn Bolz, check out the show notes For more information on this ministry including how to order my book, Everyday Discernment, check out the show notes

Episode Notes

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